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The Bleriot Foundation

This is an impact initiative whose desired outcome is to ensure that no oil seed goes to rot. The Foundation is anchored on a vibrant Technology Platform.

The functionality of the Platform is as hereunder;

1. Species Registration:

This is where the platform is advertised on social media to attract participants, mostly the youth both in the urban areas. The first step is the identification and census of oil-bearing species. These are species that are used mostly as decorative and ornamental around urban areas and as fences in rural communities. Finally, there are also oil-bearing species found in forests across the country and some are unknown. The platform is a Web app. First step is where the applicant participant downloads the App for free. Hence this data cost requires to be funded. Once the applicant downloads there is the requirement to be registered by supplying basic KYC data. This data is verified against government databases such as IPRS to ensure authentication. Once this is achieved, the registered participants get a message inviting them to proceed to the step of species identification.

2. Species Registration and Census:

The App has an inbuilt photo and video facility. The scanners then proceed and scan the environment for fruit-bearing species and take a photo of the tree trunk, leaves, flowers and seeds. Then submit the location of the species. This data is connected to the back end where it is collated and transmitted to the botany department of our partnering universities for species identification.